Basic shape 2.

Following on from a post a while back on choosing a shape. My hexagon has transformed into a sort of posh chip cone, or upside down, an elf hat. I have been busy working the form in clay and adding texture and pattern. 6 pieces in total- as there are 6 sides in a hexagon. Only 4 photos shown as 2 are a surprise! To be honest I forgot to take photos of the last 2, Ooops! They are all still to be fired, glazed and stitched into before I have finished, but here is a sneak preview. And not a speck of expanding foam in site! ….not yet anyway.

Project ecobrick.

Approximately 1 year ago I joined forces with a group of people from swansea ecobricks community with the aim of creating a sculpture/installation made from ecobricks. It has been a long year of running workshops with local schools, the community and working closely with other groups. Today we finally got the first finished build in the waterfront museum. Looking forward to the next one. ( after a little break!)

Sticky again.

Today I have been making some winter feed frames for hive number 1. I am not quite as sticky as when doing a honey extraction but it came close! The boys are off on half term so I have made up a few frames to start with ( rainy weather means I need to put some on the hive soon) but hopefully they will help do the rest ready for the coming months.

Hive number 1 is a smaller colony than hive 2 (see ursupation post about hive 2) and I was planning on supplementing hive 1s winter stores with surplus from hive 2, as they have more than enough, but I dont know what viruses (if any) the usurpers have brought into hive 2. Never work with children or animals comes to mind! Neither are an exact science and will always keep you on your toes! #graft #waterfrontmuseum #winterbees


I have been confused at the behaviour of one of my hives for a good few weeks. I thought I was going mad and even questioned my record keeping. To cut a long story short I started the season, in may, with 2 hives, a red marked queen in one and a green marked queen in the other. In the last few weeks, after a few thorough inspections and hours of poring over photos, it seems I now have 2 green queens! One in each hive. How? Where is my red queen? The only answer seems to be an usurpation. This is where an invading swarm takes over the hive and kills the current queen to take over the colony and hive. I have never seen this behaviour in bees before and there is some current research going on into this as a new behaviour….hmmm….I am inclined to think it is not as rare, and not as unusual as we think, and is just normal (ish) behaviour that has just not been spotted, documented and written about before?

Paper playing.

Following on from my last post I have been busy making some more designs in paper. My shape was cut out on a plotter, using a basic Adobe programne, in paper and in leather. This was great as it meant I could do loads more at a time! …see pics of my favourites that will be taken into ceramics tomorrow for further development.

Things to make?

Back to the grindstone? This module is all about repeats/multiples and pattern. Starting off with a basic shape. Guess what shape I went with? Had great fun with paper cut outs.


New term for uni and for the school bee group.

It has been hard getting my head back into uni studies after such a long summer break, I find myself exhausted mentally which then impacts on my physical abilities. I am sure I will re-adjust soon though.

As for the bee group I now have another volunteer ( unsuspecting victim). She is a very skilled photographer and this week has bravely been in the hives with us to take photos. I am itching to share them with you all! Especially the one of our queen bee! ( Our first ever photo of one of our queens! So excited! ) I need to get permission first though. ( as not my photos) Bear with me and all will be revealed very soon.

In the meantime you will have to make do with some photos of pattern that I am working on.


Today I have been extracting a few frames of honey with the group i am working with. I am very sticky from the honey but at least i smell lush! The boys were brilliant as usual and we extracted 20 small and 6 large jars of honey, and made honey flapjacks from just 4 frames. #honeyextracting #waterfrontmuseum #graft


I have been playing around with a couple of photos previously taken of bee related things. I started with some basic repeat patterns on the computer then played with them some more on my new phone. Just to see what sort of editing things my phone has on it. I am pleased with the initial results and think these are worth exploring further.

the middle one seems to have an alien face in the middle. #beeinspired #patterns

Busy buzzy day.

Did another inspection on the hives today and am pleased to say they are doing very well. As you can see from the photos the queen has been laying well with lots of larvae and capped brood…if you look closely you can even make out a few just emerging. #graft #waterfrontmuseum #healthybees

I have also been busy myself and have finally started on some arty stuff based on a few previous images of the bees. More development needed yet but its off to a good start. #inspiredbybees