Update on earlier post!

I have had a closer look at the photos, zooming in to get a good look at the colours and shapes before drawing and abstracting and look what I found!

It’s a baby bee just emerging from a cell! And if you look closely you can just make out a few more starting!

# proud parents #emergingbees


Very busy bees.

Another day playing with the ladies. They are doing well, her majesty has been laying well, the foragers have been bringing in lots of nectar and pollen and the youngsters have been drawing out lots of lovely (albeit messy) new comb (even in places and ways that are unexpected). They will get the hang of it soon but as they have been working so hard and were in a bit of a bad mood today I didn’t hang about in the hive to tidy up the frames very much.

I now need to start doing some drawing myself from some of the photos taken of these inspirational little buzzies for my summer project for uni. #waterfrontmuseum #bees #graft #drawingoutcomb

Nailed it!

I had the nod from other beekeepers that Lidl were selling nail/staple guns today. These make the job of making up frames quicker and easier. Being that it was the last day of my group for 7 weeks and this group have been making my frames I thought it would be a good investment, so off I go to lidls in search of one.

My nearest store had sold out! I have to get one. I am now on a mission!

The next store has sold out! Getting stressed, and now desperately need one, as, in my mind all the other beekeepers have one and I don’t.

3rd store… I spot one but there is ( I am convinced) another shopper after it! He is nearer to it than me but is dithering …Omg It is a race between me and the other shopper!! Who will get there first? I very nearly break into a trot!

Yeaaaa! Never underestimate a woman beekeeper on a mission! I am now the proud owner of a nail/staple gun with 2 boxes of 1000 staples! #beekeepingtoolenvy #lidltools

Sticky Extraction

Today i did a very small extraction of honey and wax from one frame as a demo for the boys that have been helping me. It was their last session untill September as school here is closed for the summer. They have been an amazing group to work with! I am so lucky to have such a brilliant job! ( just one frame and I am so sticky, even have honey on my knees for some strange reason) #extracting honey #waterfrontmuseum #bees

Sweet Bees.

It’s rare that I do 2 blogs in one day but I couldn’t wait to post about this. And it is supposed to be an arty blog not a Bee keeping one. When we brought hive 1 to the Waterfront museum it was a small colony that had been subjected to 2 moves in a week, so, I decided to put a feeder on with sugar water in case they needed it. They didn’t take to it as it turned out, but, today when I took it out there were 5 dead bees in it. The bees had crystalised in the sugar water! I fished them out, took photos and have just finished editing them. I feel more arty stuff coming from these photos very soon!

Busy Bees.

Finally on Tuesday we picked up the 2nd hive and transported it safely to the Waterfront Museum. They were lovely tempered bees. Even after the ride in the back of the transit. Today we had a quick check on them, added varoa boards, swapped over the unpainted supers and added some frames for them to start building stores…they are bringing in lots of pollen already, and are still sweet tempered! Both hives are settling in very well indeed. I decided to experiment and try rhubarb and the leaves in the hive to try to combat any mites they may have…this is a natural alternative to chemical treatments. We will see how it goes.

North Wales

I took a lot of photos on my recent trip to North Wales with a view to doing some artwork from them for my summer project for uni. I prefer to work in abstract and so have chosen the following photos to work further into and from. (other more regular photos of recognised scenes in north wales may be added) I don’t know yet what direction and media they are going to take but that is one of the things that excites and motivates me.


🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝one thing about bees is that they dont always follow a plan! One hive safely collected and delivered to the waterfront museum. The other hive will have to wait a few days as they are still a bit feisty ( maybe the unusually hot weather? ) and managed to get out of the hive they were shut in overnight in readiness for transport. Note to self..More duct tape needed next time. I was to busy with the little buzzies to take any photos but I am sure a few of the suprised museum visitors took some.

This photo was taken the other day by a friend who has been helping and has given me some ideas about some arty stuff!

Bee’n busy.

I have been busy setting up a small inner city apiary at the waterfront museum in Swansea. We have now sourced our bees! I have checked all 60,000 of them and they are looking very healthy. (Apart from the one that stung me on the chin while I was looking for the queen. We will be bringing them to their permanent site very soon! #beekeeping #waterfrontmuseum #innercityapiary

One of my other hats.

One of the other hats I wear on some days is a beekeepers hat. Today was one of those days. The young people I am currently working with are brilliant and are very quick learners, we got so much done in just a few hours. They learned the different parts of the hive and how to put it together, How to keep the smoker going, basic apiary rules and painted an undercoat on the old hives to spruce them up. We will be ready for the bees soon.